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Meet the Students of 2019/2020

Here you can meet the students of Radical Rethink! 2019/2020, who come from a diverse range of disciplines. 

The students, who represent all five faculties of the university, have been divided into three talent teams. We created these teams with a focus on maximum disciplinary and personal diversity as a key to successful innovation and complex problem solving.

Click on the link of each talent team to learn more about each student.

Talent team 1:

  • Camilla Lund Knudsen (Business and Social Sciences)
  • Frederik Pfeiffer (Business and Social Sciences)
  • Kristine Steemann Kristensen (Health)
  • Philip Wolfgang (Health)
  • Sumeya A. Mohamed (Engineering)

Team project: Teaching Our Children About Death

Talent team 2:

  • Jamila Abdulkarim (Engineering)
  • Johanne Kirkeby (Humanities)
  • Jon André Christensen (Health)
  • Karin Gilvad Freiberg (Business and Social Sciences)

Team project: Levebo: An intergenerational institution

Talent team 3:

  • Caspar Yan Hansen (Science)
  • Cecilie Piepgrass (Humanities)
  • Hristina Laskova (Business and Social Sciences)
  • Marian Abdi Haji (Health)

Team project: E-memory

Learn more about the teams' ideas, work, and projects

Last Updated 10.06.2020