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Talent Programmes

Talent programmes are always extra-curricular and must correspond to a minimum of 10 ECTS points. They are offered to a limited number of students, who are selected either objectively or based on academic acceptance criteria.

Cross-faculty talent programmes

Cross-faculty talent programmes are offered to students from all faculties at SDU, resulting in teams consisting of students from a diversity of disciplines.

The SDU Citizen Science talent programme 2022 invited gifted students from all faculties to explore the value of Citizen Science. Lead scientific change through co-creation.

The talent programme was attractive to students across all SDU faculties as it builds competence in engaging citizens in many different ways. It addresses also the SDG #17 on ‘Partnerships’. The individual Citizen Science projects will even respond to other goals too.

As part of the programme students were invited to participate at a four-day study trip to Switzerland (Spring 2022) and attending at ECSA Conference in Berlin (Fall 2022) free of charge.

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As a student you can only be accepted to a programme if you are not delayed in the course of your study program.

Last Updated 11.03.2020