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Talent Programmes

Talent programmes are always extra-curricular and must correspond to a minimum of 10 ECTS points. They are offered to a limited number of students, who are selected either objectively or based on academic acceptance criteria.

Cross-faculty talent programmes

Cross-faculty talent programmes are offered to students from all faculties at SDU, resulting in teams consisting of students from a diversity of disciplines.

The SDU Citizen Science talent programme 2020 invites gifted students from all faculties to explore the value of Citizen Science. Lead scientific change through co-creation.

The talent programme is attractive to students across all SDU faculties as it builds your competence in engaging citizens in many different ways. It addresses also the SDG #17 on ‘Partnerships’. The individual Citizen Science projects will even respond to other goals too.

As part of the programme students are invited to participate at ECSA Conference (Spring 2020) and attending a study trip to London (Fall 2020) free of charge.

Check here how it might be attractive to you!

In this 20 extracurricular ECTS hands-on programme for top students, you will become member of a multidisciplinary team and develop a business idea from scratch to a potential first sale.

You’ll be guided by industry experts and business developers, and you can actually graduate with an academic degree in one hand and a startup in the other hand. Your employability opportunities will also increase as you’ll stand out by graduating with honours.

Read more about the talent programme in entrepreneurship.

In the talent programme New Nordic Design Thinking, SDU offers top students a course which will teach them the competences needed to solve some of the manifold challenges we face within areas such as health, energy and adapting to climate change.
Learn more about the talent programme New Nordic Design Thinking.

Synthetic Biology is a 30 ECTS talent programme for particularly gifted students from all faculties who want to utilise their academic and personal skills in an interdisciplinary research project. Students selected for this programme will have to work together as a team to design, develop and create a solution to a real-world problem of their choice.


As a student you can only be accepted to a programme if you are not delayed in the course of your study program.

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