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Talent Team 2




Jamila Abdulkarim, BSc in Engineering - Learning and Experience Technology
When I read the title “Radical Rethink” it immediately sparked my interest. Finding unconventional solutions to problems is something I pride myself in being great at and is also the reason I chose to study engineering. What really brings out my enthusiasm is discussing and theorizing about potential solutions to everyday problems. Throughout my life I have been very focused on developing my creative thinking skills, by teaching myself different skills to improve my creativity and imagination and expand my knowledge.






Johanne Kirkeby, BA in English
As a language nerd, I want to show the world why linguistics matter. I want to show myself that my interests matter. I want to show that a language student is a useful addition to the team. I believe the Radical Rethink programme is the perfect opportunity. I enjoy thinking about abstract concepts and going into detail; I mostly work on a micro-level. However, my passions and the knowledge I have amassed through my education truly shine when they are related to “what actually goes on in the actual world.






Jon André Christensen, BSc in Sports Science and Health
As the ageing society grows, so does its demands in every sector of our societies. I'm partaking in Radical Rethink because we need to create solid solutions to a growing ageing society, and to provide new and creative ideas towards the pressing issues of today’s world. Everyone deserves to experience old age with autonomy and functionality in both body and mind.






Karin Gilvad Freiberg, MSc in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies  
I find the Radical Rethink programme a great opportunity to engage in truly interdisciplinary team work. I think this is very important because it gives an awareness of one’s primary discipline and an ability to be critical and continuously refining one’s arguments. Furthermore, I am convinced that in order to find the best solutions to societal problems, such as population ageing, different theoretical perspectives are needed as well as a diverse set of methodological tools.

Last Updated 08.11.2019