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Talent Team 1




Camilla Lund Knudsen, BSc in Political Science
I believe that in future business world, it is alpha omega that we manage to work across specific subject qualifications. It is in the dynamic process that we manage to make the best decisions, with knowledge from all angles and with an eye for each one's consideration. The Radical Rethink program is, in my view, a program that helps mobilize the opportunity to embrace this competence even before entering the labour market.






Frederik Pfeiffer, MSc in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies 
I view the talent programme as an ideal opportunity to challenge my beliefs, develop my knowledge and apply my skills to the real-world problems in ageing societies. I am highly motivated to get involved in finding solutions for our societies, not only as an activist but also academically, and to work together with students and experts from different disciplines to address these challenges truly excites me. I look forward to addressing questions like: How can we sustainably fund our pension systems in the future? Are we getting older or are we just living longer? How can we prepare our societies for the drastic labour market changes that lie ahead? What will define human wellbeing in the future? 






Kristine Steemann Kristensen, MSc in Nursing
I have worked in both home nursing care and in a medical ward (endocrinology and rheumatology) where the majority of the patients were 60+ years of age with chronic conditions. I am now doing my two-year master’s in clinical nursing because I would like to help create the greatest conditions for our future patients and health care professionals. My motivation for applying to this talent program is to gain experience working with people who have a different educational background, as I think it is a valuable skill to see problems from another perspective, and I enjoy finding different ways for people to express their dreams and realizing their ideas.






Philip Wolfgang, BSc in Sports Science and Health
I think of Radical Rethink as a valuable project, to understand and counteract the future challenges that our elderly citizens are facing in our society. I find it very interesting to be able to contribute to the cross-academic scope of the project, thus providing valuable insight of health-science and be challenged by knowledge from other academic fields of research.






Sumeya A. Mohamed, MSc in Engineering - Welfare Technology
Everything I have engaged in so far has all been driven by my keen interest in the health sector and biomedical technologies. The net result of this, is someone who is passionate with the desire to make a difference in society. I believe that the Future of Ageing Societies is an important field, and with a great deal of knowledge in the field of developing and analysing the needs of technical solutions for patients, elderly and citizens with disabilities, I believe I could utilize this for the talent program.

Last Updated 08.11.2019