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Rules regulating the diploma

SDU issues diplomas based on the requirements and rules set out in the Examination Order (Bekendtgørelse om eksamen og censur ved universitetsuddannelser, BEK nr. 1062 af 30/06/2016) and in the Grading Scale Order (Bekendtgørelse om karakterskala og anden bedømmelse ved uddannelser på Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriets område, BEK nr. 114 af 03/02/2015). The following requirements are set for the diploma:

The diploma is issued in Danish (may be required issued in English) and must contain at least:

  •  The graduate's name and civil registration number (CPR) or other similar unique identification.
  • The name of the university.
  • The title graduates are entitled to use in Danish/Latin and English.
  • The prescribed period of the programme defined in ECTS points, including any introductory courses.
  • Which bachelor or other programme forms the basis of the master's (candidatus) programme
  • The subject elements which form part of the programme and in which examinations have been taken or which have been documented in some other way, including the number of ECTS points.
  • Examinations for which credits have been transferred.
  • The examination language if the examination has been taken in a foreign language, see section 6.
  • The assessment obtained, see section 23(1), and, if appropriate, the average overall examination result.
  • At each grade after the 7-point scale, the letter from the ECTS scale corresponding to that grade is added.
  • A competency profile that describes the programme.

In addition to the actual certificate, the university also issues a Diploma Supplement in English based on the standard model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES, which describes the academic direction, content, level and objectives of the programme and provides information about the university and about the position of the university and the programme in the Danish education system.

The following information may not be shown in the certificate:

  • special examination conditions
  • Results of the Bachelor's degree in the bachelor's degree program.
  • Number of used examination attempts

If a student leaves a programme without completing it, SDU will, on demand, issue documentation of completed parts of the program, indicated in ECTS points.

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Last Updated 27.11.2017