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The diploma is the documentation that proves that you are graduating from the University of Southern Denmark.

A diploma consists of a degree statement and a result overview. The university also encloses a Diploma Supplement and competence profiles in Danish and English.

The diploma is produces by the university according to guidelines described in the regulatory framework.

If you have lost your diploma (issued before 1 January 2018), you may request a copy of your diploma by contacting SDU via You can not get a new original diploma.

If your diploma is issued before approximately 2013, it may take up to a month before you can get a copy of the diploma. This is because we need to find your diploma in our physical archives.

From 1 January 2018, SDU issues exclusively diplomas in the new digital format. You can therefore no longer get your diploma issued on paper.

If you need a papercopy of your diploma, feel free to print it on paper of your own choice.

It will usually not be necessary to get your printout of the digital diploma certified with stamp and signature, as the diploma is secured with a verification link. The link-address can be entered into an internet browser, whereby the diploma recipient can accesses the original diploma on the SDU server.

If you still need to have your diploma stamped and signed, you can contact the Student Service (Zonen) at Campus Odense, or contact the Student Services in Kolding, Slagelse, Esbjerg or Sønderborg.

SDU recommends that you download your diploma on your own computer and save it locally.

As a rule, you have access to the Digital Diploma Mailbox for a full year after the date of your graduation. After a year, you are responsible for storing your digital diploma locally for future use.

You can give another access to your Digital Diploma Mailbox by using the "give access to" feature in the Digital Diploma Mailbox.


Last Updated 27.11.2017