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Talent Team 3




Caspar Yan Hansen, MSc in Biology
I decided to participate in Radical Rethink! to strengthen my profile and to challenge myself and find solutions to the problems that society will face during the next generations. The programme offers a lot of insight and encourages a meta-thinking which I find essential for us to be adaptable. As a biology student, I have a wide range of useful tools, but I believe that the programme will give me an insight which I would not achieve without the programme.






Cecilie Piepgrass, MA in Culture and Communication
Culture, history, and social conditions have been key themes through my education. I find these relevant in the case of ageing societies. I would love to bring new ideas to the table that can breach boundaries and paradigms to approach solutions to the given issue. I find the theme of ageing societies especially important in a world that focuses solely on the younger generation. The talent programme provides me with the opportunity to seek my future educational dreams, as well as expand my professional and personal horizon. In the future, I wish to communicate cultural aspects and conflicts in a global and mediated world, whether it is in the written or oral form.






Hristina Laskova, MSc in Economics and Business Administration - Strategy and Organization
It is the outcomes from the process of learning that provides us with a solid base for progress and development. Each step forward is a challenge overcome. I believe that stepping out of our comfort zone, persevering and reflecting often lead to the achievements we dream for.






Marian Abdi Haji, MSc in Public Health
The knowledge I gained as public health student, provided me with a combination of strong analytical and critical skills while fuelling my interest in the future of ageing societies. I strongly believe that, together, we can manage the change and embrace the opportunities presented by our shifting demographics.

Last Updated 08.11.2019