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20 ECTS Programme


Thu 8.2 kl. 14 - 16 Kolding  Team intro  +  Master class 1

Sprint 1: Design Company Innovation

Wed 20.2. kl. 14-18 Horsens Visit Fraudsen Lamper
Fri 22.2. kl. 12-20 Pakhuset Kolding Master class 2: Organisational cultures + design mediation
     Master class 3: Design-driven innovation + participatory prototyping
Wed 27.2. kl. 13  Thu 28.2.kl.16 Horsens + Pakhuset Innovation Camp:
Fri 8.3. kl. 14-17 SDU Odense Research workshop
 18.3    Wicki deadline 1
Fri 22.3 or Tue 26.3 Odense + Kolding  Small-group coaching (2 hours)

Sprint 2: Public Sector Innovation

Wed 24.4. kl. 13-18 Kolding Master class 4: Urban design + Network design
Thu 25.4. kl. 13-18 Kolding Master class 5: Design citizenship + material co-creation
    Master class 6: Multi-stakeholder theatre + design integration 
Thu 2.5. kl. 13-  Fri 3.5. kl.16 Kolding Innovation camp: Kolding Kommune
Wed 8. or Thu 8.5  Odense + Kolding Small-group coaching (2 hours)
Fri 10.5. kl. 14-17  SDU Odense   Research workshop
20.5   Wicki deadline 2

New Nordic Design Research Conference 2019  

Fri 31.5. – Tue 4.6. (Helsinki)
 17.6    Wicki deadline 3 
 Thu 27.6 kl.10-16  Odense   Writing workshop  + feedback 

Sprint 3: Public-private innovation health (Summer school)

Summer school
Mo 12.8. – Fri 16.8. Pakhuset Kolding  Master class 7: Public Private Innovation + workshop design
    Master class 8:  Health cultures + collaborative sensemaking
     Master class 9: Business relations + interior design
     Innovation Camp: Living Design Lab
 Research workshop
 Tue 10.9 or We 11.9  Odense + Kolding  Small-group coaching (2 hours)
 Thu 19.9 kl.16-18  SDU Kolding  Colloquium (final exam)
 Fri 20.9 kl. 13-15  SDU Odense Colloquium (final exam) 



Master Classes

 Nine late-afternoon Master classes (4 hours). The Master classes establish a lively discussion between professors and their disciplines. Teaching is organized in inspiring settings away from university with hands-on activities in Odense and Kolding, three to prepare for each camp.

Research Workshops and Conference

All disciplines reflect together on the why, how and what of results achieved. You will get a chance to participate in the ‘Nordic Design Research Conference’ in Helsinki in June 2019 and discuss your own work. Faculty will also run three small-group coaching sessions to ensure your individual progress. As an exam, we will present final papers at an open colloquium (small conference) in SDU.



A talent programme is extra-curricular, meaning that the credit you earn is on top of regular studies. 

To earn a distinction, Bachelor students must complete 30 ECTS, Master students 20 ECTS on top of their ordinary programme. Students must also finish their programme on time. In any event you will get a diploma added to your graduation certificate.


Please find the 20 ECTS course curriculum here


Here you can find more information about the Innovation Camps

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