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Innovation Camps


Three Innovation Camps designed to give you the opportunity to work with and in real organizations.
Develop your perspective on New Nordic Design Thinking with hands-on techniques.

A Design Enterprise

Nordic design companies rely heavily on artistic designers and brand value. The first camp is about product design and provides fundamental methods:

Design culture anylisis:How is Nordic culture different?
Prototyping:What are the design challenges with new technologies and Apps?
Stratigic design:How can an iconic design company gently renew its products?

A municipality

Public design is a different challenge that relies on the municipality’s ability to engage citizens in decisions. The second camp ventures into urban design and expands your toolbox: 

Public design culture:What role does design play in the public realm?
Participatory design:How can a municipality engage citizens? 
Design Maturity:What does it take to manage design processes?

A health organisation

Welfare is a particular innovation challenge in society. The third sprint engages both private enterprises and a public health organisation. The final camp operates on a systems level:

Public private innovation:Can private enterprises contribute to public welfare?
User entography:How do citizens relate to ‘welfare design’? 
Multi-stakeholder innovation:Is it possible to balance all the wishes of the many people who are involved in a project in some capacity?

The camps will be co-organised with programme participants to fit your interests.

Last Updated 03.12.2018