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New Nordic Design Thinking




You will learn to:

  • apply New Nordic Design Thinking within your own field of study
  • solve complex problems that require cross-disciplinary efforts
  • understand the cultures you are working in, both inside and outside an organisation
  • engage public and private organizations, users and other stakeholders in your work
  • manage co-creation projects
  • contribute to design research.

Do you want to make a difference, engage in challenges, develop tomorrow’s world? 
Design thinking is recognized as a strong innovation driver within many professions. In a fast-moving world we increasingly face new challenges that demand radically alternative ways of thinking and doing. Nordic countries have strong design, innovation and organizational traditions. Nordic design is characterised by minimalist solutions with natural materials and rich experience, collaborative design processes and inclusive decision making. New Nordic Design Thinking helps identify and solve such challenges where solutions require that multiple sciences work together, and where many different people are involved: citizens, specialists, organizations, businesses, administrators, policy makers etc.

In the talent programme you get to experience such processes and collaborate with students across the natural sciences, health, engineering, business and humanities. This is what it takes to make your science matter in society. Become a talented, visionary, high achiever who wants to make a difference!


SDU Design has a unique approach to New Nordic Design Thinking. We integrate Design Cultures, Participatory Innovation and Design Management research. You get to work with experienced professors and live cases to investigate the ‘Nordic’ of ‘Design Thinking’ in a truly cross-disciplinary environment. You will be able to map back what you learn to your main study discipline as practice in action.

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20 ECTS Programme
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How to apply

New Nordic Design Thinking brochure 2019

Contact Product Design Faculty of Humanities University of Southern Denmark

  • Universitetsparken 1
  • Kolding - DK-6000
  • Phone: +45 6550 1303

Last Updated 29.09.2021