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Intro programme

Study start will take place in week 38.  Lectures begin in week 39. The intensive Danish course offered from the EUF will start in week 35 ( August 30, 2021).

In the Border region Programme with EUF we have our own “Intro programme”.

To ensure you are welcomed to the university and introduced to both your programme and your fellow students, we have put together an introprogamme.  You can find the programme on this page no later than 14 days before the commencement of study.

Hier nützliche Informationen zum Studienanfang BSc./IIM Sønderborg/Flensburg -> Studienanfang BSc International Business Administration and Foreign Languages / BA International Management, Sønderborg/Flensburg.

                      Do you have questions about the study start?                

➤ Contact the Study Secretary.

Last Updated 16.09.2021