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Education proposal

The Government’s education proposal

On 2 March, the SVM government launched the proposal Prepared for the Future I, of which the reduction in the length of master’s programmes is an important element.

The proposal lays the foundations for a major change in the educational landscape, including proposals for shorter master’s programmes, new continuing and further education opportunities and an increased number of part-time master’s degree programmes and more international students.

Read the education proposal (in Danish) here:

- We fear that the reform will lead to a significant reduction of quality. The universities want to further develop their education programmes. We also fundamentally share the Government’s ambitions to strengthen the transition to the labour market, make more education programmes more vocationally oriented, increase labour supply and create a better balance between the sectors. But the starting point is that this must not be at the expense of the quality of the education programmes. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the Government’s reform proposal is preparing for with the proposed truncation of the master’s programmes, says Pro-Rector Helle Waagepetersen. 

Seeking constructive dialogue

Helle Waagepetersen stresses that the proposals to increase the number of part-time master’s degree programmes and to have more international students are positive and necessary measures that are supported.

- But these measures cannot compensate for the crux of the proposal, namely that the quality of education will be put under pressure. We will now closely examine the content and of course seek constructive dialogue with the relevant parties. 

Editing was completed: 03.03.2023