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Energy-saving measures to begin from 24 October

After the autumn break, a series of energy-saving initiatives will be implemented at SDU's locations to meet the ongoing energy and supply situation and reduce SDU’s climate footprint.

As previously announced, SDU’s Executive Board has decided to follow the recommendation of the Danish Energy Agency and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to lower the temperature wherever possible, taking into account human and animal life and safety ( /)

In addition, other energy-saving measures have been adopted to reduce the University’s climate footprint and ease pressure on SDU’s finances. All of the measures will be implemented from 24 October; i.e. after the autumn break.

Three specific measures

The following initiatives have been adopted and will be implemented from 24 October:

1.     No hot water in the washbasins
From Monday 24 October, Technical Services will start to turn off the hot water in the washbasins. This work will be carried out over a period of three weeks.
As long as soap is used for hand washing, there is no hygiene advantage to using hot water.

2.     Fixed temperature at SDU locations
From Monday 24 October, Technical Services will providing heating up to 19 degrees Celsius, which means the thermostats on the radiators may be set to a maximum of 2.2 in places where this is possible, taking into account human and animal life and safety.
It is the responsibility of the local manager to ensure that all employees set their thermostats to 2.2 at most.
Where the heating is not controlled by thermostats on the radiators, Technical Services will change the temperature, which is expected to take place over a period of three weeks

3.     Reducing ‘stand-by’ consumption at office workstations
From November, Technical Services will start producing videos to inspire people to reduce standby consumption at office workstations. In the meantime, it is recommended to read this document from the Danish Energy Agency with tips on how to save energy on a daily basis.

If you’re one of the lucky ones on holiday in the week beginning on 17 October, it’s a good idea to turn down the heat and unplug any electronic devices to help reduce power consumption. For instance, your height-adjustable table, computer monitor or similar.


Editing was completed: 14.10.2022