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The novel coronavirus

Extension of infection-preventing measures at higher-educational institutions

All of the current restrictions with corona passes, virtual exams, protective equipment and the call for working from home at universities have been extended until the end of January. On the upside, we have hopes of a normal study start in February.

The government has received the support of the Parliament’s Epidemic Committee to extend a number of measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

At higher-educational institutions, this means that up to and including 31 January 2022, employees, students, visitors and others must still be able to present a valid corona pass in order to show up in person, and they must wear a face covering or visor when moving around indoors in common areas.

The current requests to organise the teaching in permanent classes as well as to convert as many in-person exams to online exams as possible still apply until 31 January 2022.

Continued strong call for working from home – and a bright spot ahead

For the rest of January, SDU’s staff are still strongly encouraged to work from home and conduct online meetings if possible.

For a list the infection prevention measures that apply throughout this month, see this piece of news from 19 December:

Provided that we do not see an escalation in the COVID-19 infection rates in Denmark within the next few weeks, there is a good chance we can look forward to a normal study start without restrictions from February.

The situation is being closely monitored

SDU’s management appeals to students and staff to continue to follow the authorities’ recommendations and show consideration by following the University’s principles of caution, inclusiveness and trust.

Any students who become infected with COVID-19 are highly encouraged to register this via the Corona button in SPOC.

Any employees who become infected with COVID-19 are encouraged to follow the normal procedure for notification of illness.

Information about cases of infection at SDU can prove helpful if other students or staff at SDU need to be informed in the event the infected person does not have contact information for any close contacts.

Through the Corona button in SPOC, students can also submit questions that may not have been answered in the FAQ.

In the event of any further measures, the information is announced via SDU’s own channels.

Read more about the coronavirus and the health authorities’ current recommendations at

Stay informed through our FAQ, which is updated regularly:

For students:
For staff members:

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Buchvald Vind
University Director

Novel coronavirus

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