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Library relocation in Kolding: UC SYD and SDU continue cooperation

Good neighbourliness is important on many fronts. This is why UC SYD and SDU have given high priority to close cooperation in recent years – first with the relocation to Esbjerg a few years ago and this year with the new joint address at Universitetsparken, Kolding.

Most recently, students and staff from the two institutions met at the inauguration of the ‘Bridge’ connecting the two campuses in Kolding earlier this autumn.

Going forward, the framework is also set for intensifying and expanding cooperation over the coming years in the form of, among other things, joint well-being events, joint cooperation in offering staff and student activities, increased local cooperation and increased exchange of information on activities of mutual interest.

‘The close cooperation between SDU and UC SYD strengthens our ability to create the best framework for a good study and working life. We are delighted to see that students are coming together both at the Friday bar and at joint events across departments. At the same time, there is an increased level of cooperation between employees, both in terms of research and in relation to, for example, teaching facilities and joint well-being events,’ says Marianne Wolff Lundholt, Head of Campus at SDU.

Good neighbourliness sometimes requires adaptation, and this is happening in Kolding with the relocation of UC SYD’s library from SDU’s campus to UC SYD’s own. Since moving into the new campus this summer, UC SYD students have had to cross the bridge to SDU to use the library.

‘The library is a key part of the study environment in higher education. It has proved difficult to attract UC SYD students to the library, which has been physically isolated from the programmes where our students spend their time. That’s why we’re moving the library closer to the students,’ explains Morten Kallestrup, Director of Education, School and Research.

If the fire authorities can approve, the move will begin as soon as possible.

UC SYD and SDU will continue to prioritise cooperation in the library field in Esbjerg and Kolding.

Editing was completed: 16.11.2022