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How can your speciality contribute to solve challenges in real-life organisations? How do you bring yourself in a position beyond that of a specialised nerd? How do you make your science matter in society?

The talent programme will broaden you speciality with a cross-disciplinary, holistic competence, a wider toolbox for making your science matter in society.

“Some audiologists and speech pathologists seek a career not only in training and counseling, but also in development – development of tests, services, teaching materials and products. For such employment profiles a program in Design Thinking offers a unique possibility for acquiring the skills to engage in creative co-design in collaboration with many different stakeholders and people from different expertise areas”

Rineke Brouwer

Associate professor, Audiologopaedia, SDU

“In the field of Climate Adaption, Design and Biology go hand in hand. Often we emphasize that designers, architects and others need insights into the environmental and biological effects of their creations. But also we, as biologists, need to know how to work with these diverse disciplines to achieve solutions relevant for tomorrows climate challenges. SDU’s upcoming talent programme in New Nordic Design Thinking offers knowledge of the Design disciplines and is an opportunity for students in Biology, with interest in recreating solutions to handle the consequences of climate changes, to familiarize themselves with these disciplines and go beyond disciplinary boundaries in coming up with good environmental solutions for the future”

Sara Egemose

Associate professor, Biology, SDU

If you come from one of the design programmes in SDU, this programme will work as a substantial expansion of your studies.

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Last Updated 18.09.2020