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If so, spending time at one of our north2north partner universities or doing field work in the Arctic might be just the thing for you.

Eligible students
You must be enrolled in a full bachelor or master degree at SDU and have completed the first year of studies (passed all exams).
Selection criteria
Priority will be given to students from study programs that are thematically related to the north/Artic or with a specific personal or academic interest in northern/Arctic issues.
How to apply
Please fill in this application form and send it by email to with the following documents attached:
•    Motivation Letter
•    Academic transcript of records
•    Curriculum Vitae
Where can I go?
You can find an overview of all the north2north partner institutions here.
There are two types of financial support: Tuition waivers and grants.

Tuition waivers:

All universities in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland) have waived tuition fees for north2north students.

Universities in Canada, the US and the UK offer a number of tuition waivers to nominated north2north students. If you are not selected for waived tuition, you will have pay the tuition fees yourself (or having them covered by the Study Abroad Scholarship (Udlandsstipendium) if you are eligible).

Grant opportunities:

Students selected for universities in the Nordic countries will, additionally to the tuition waiver, receive a grant.

Students selected for universities in Canada, the US and the UK and who are not selected for the tuition waiver, will receive a grant.

The grant is based on the length of the stay and the destination:

  • Duration of 2-5 months: 1000 €
  • Duration of 6-8 months: 1300 €
  • Duration of 9-12 months: 1500 €

+ travel grant of 500 € within Europe or 1000 € outside of Europe

  • Field school/intensive course/conference attendance 1000 € within Europe or 1500 € outside of Europe

Application deadline
15 February, 2024

Last Updated 07.02.2024