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Student Counselling on your Education

The student counselor is in close dialogue with the course leaders and makes use of their knowledge and expertise in their work as a counselor.

Why seek help 

You can receive help and advise both as a future and current student with enquires such as: 

  • Study life and environment on your education 
  • The education’s informal practices and unwritten rules 

You can also receive help and advise about the educational purposes such as: 

  • The academic content and structure of the program 
  • Academical priorities and the education's progression 
  • Expectations for you as a student - included the academical level, effort etc. 
  • Generel rules of the faculty 
  • Choices you have to make while studying 
  • Election of a student counselor for projects and masters thesis
  • Overview of your situation 
  • Help and advise for an individual study plan 
  • Applications for the Study Board 

Your student counselor cannot help your with everything, but they’ll know where you can address your issues. The student counselor have duty of confidentiality. 

 Contact your student counselor 

Your student counselor is ready to receive you or your call in the office hours. You can also send an email. 

See office hours and contact information.



Last Updated 06.03.2024