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Student Counselling

Who helps with what?

Below you’ll find an overview of including the most frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find a satisfying answer to your question, the opportunities for counseling can be found below: 

Study and well-being counseling including career guidance at The Counseling Centre

… for you who seek counseling regarding the overall terms at SDU (study change, leave of absence, doubts about your study, study technique, motivation, study competence) as well as career (clarification of your competence and job seeking) 

Study and well-being counseling

Career guidance

Counseling with your  academic student advisor at the faculty

…. for you who seek counseling regarding the overall rules and procedures which applies for the educations on Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. You can also speak to your academic student advisor about how it feels to study your exact course, student life, exams, course contents etc.

Academic Student Advisors

Seek help!

It is not crucial where you seek help, but that you do it! You need to take responsibility for your study. If things do not goes according to the plan or if you need counseling, you have to seek help yourself. 




Last Updated 06.03.2024