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Self-arranged stay

If you want to study in a particular country or university with which SDU does not cooperate, you can arrange a study abroad period on your own. The advantage of a self-arranged stay is that you are not restricted to the current offer of exchange places.

On the other hand, you will not be considered an exchange student, and you must take care of contact, application and enrolment to the particular university yourself. In addition, you should note that you most likely would have to pay tuition fees to the host university.


Important to know

You can apply for funds through the Study Abroad Scholarship (udlandsstipendium) to cover (some of) your tuition fees if you receive SU.

More information here:

Link to application website here: Study Abroad Scholarship (udlandsstipendium)

If you are not eligible to the 'udlandsstipendium' or any other scholarships, you are eligible to apply for a traveling scholarship through SDU's Internationalisation Fund. 

More information about the application process can be found here: SDU Travel Grants.

Some of our overseas partners offer a discount to SDU students on individually arranged stays. These are listed in the section ‘study abroad’ in our lists of exchange places. If you are planning an individually arranged stay at one of our partner universities not listed in the ‘study abroad’ section, please remember to point out that you are from SDU. Maybe you will be entitled to a discount that we are not familiar with.

Below you can find a checklist about what to remember before, during and after your exchange stay.

Below you can find important documents you may need in regards to your self-arranged study abroad period.


*not mandatory documentation for SDU Internationalbut it might be required by some universities or your Study Board.

In general, no matter whether you arrange a stay on your own or apply for an exchange place, you are always welcome to contact SDU International

Last Updated 07.02.2024