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Ideas for a topic and tips on using the library

Click on the link to your profile to find a list of possible Supervisors

The lists are only inspiration. You are welcome to come up with additional suggestions for a subject as long as it is within the area of your profile.

How to find a topic for your thesis

  1. Go back to the literature for the courses that you had on your Master's programme and get inspired - then search the library (see below) to see if this is a topic for which you can find research articles.
  2. Visit the Jobbank to find thesis proposals from firms and other organizations. If you find an interesting offer, then check whether it is suitable for your profile and if you can get an academic angle onto the proposal.
  3. Get inspired by looking at theses from this and other universities. Find them at the library (see below). 

Library resources

The library houses a comprehensive collection of materials, including electronic books, articles, and traditional books in print, all carefully selected to support your studies."

You can start your literature search at Here you can search for articles, books and other materials.

And you can find relevant databases for your academic literature on a specific topic at our Business Literature Search Guide
This guide gives you a good overview and links to the relevant databases.

Each semester we will offer you various courses in literature search, Endnote e.g.  Here we will help you find the best literature for your Master Thesis. See dates and more information on Courses and Events.

You can also search theses from SDU and other universities Theses.
Notice that most of the theses written in collaboration with a company are very often confidential and thus the author does not permit use of the material


Last Updated 06.03.2024