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Apply for a spot in the SDU Talent Programme if you want to create solutions for the future or even your own startup!


What is the Talent Programme about?

It is a hands-on programme where you will go through all the steps of developing a startup business. You’ll start an entrepreneurial journey in a cross disciplinary team where you’ll ideate, develop a prototype, learn how to pitch, learn how to raise funding, and even to take your business to the market. 

  • Become a founder of a startup while you are still studying
  • Work in a multidisciplinary team to develop a business idea
  • Improve your employability opportunities
  • Graduate with distinction (20 extracurricular ECTS)
  • Have access to a budget of 2000 DKK for prototyping and other needs. 

The focus on entrepreneurship allows you to bring your skills and knowledge to a place where you can create real value with it. Each team will receive mentoring from internal and external experts throughout the entire programme. 

See the Talent Programme timeline here


Who can apply?


Are you a 3rd year bachelor student or a master student?

Are you ambitious, dedicated and ready to take on 20 ECTS points alongside your studies?

Are you interested in developing a business idea or creating a startup within a multidisciplinary team?

Apply for a spot  in the SDU Talent Programme in entrepreneurship. 

For SDU students from all fields of study and all campuses, with no delays in their studies.

The programme is taught in English.

 Next application data is Septemebr 2021.


How will we help you?


We have put together a team of business developers, researchers and industry experts who will guide you through the venture creation process during a series of evening and weekend workshops.  

The Talent Programme takes place at the Odense campus. For students from other campuses, the Talent Programme will cover travel and accommodation. 

Each Talent Programme team will have a budget of 2000 DKK for prototyping and other needs. 

Be prepared for everything: success, failure, start all over from scratch, develop a state-of-the-art solution, create a high potential business case.

In the end of the programme, you will have the mindset of an entrepreneur, the knowledge and a team to pursue your own business case.

Discover the business projects created during the previous Talent Programme


One of our two teams selected for the Venture Cup Idea competition won the award for Service and Innovation. 


A skin device that uses sensors and echo-location to improve spatial orientation for the visually impaired.


A discreet soft belt with an integrated heating element to reduce menstrual pain. 


Magnetic bricks made out of foam for children to build their own outdoor playhouses.

Klart Design

A string art digital platform where users can design personalized string art objects and order the final art piece from Klart. 

Jez, Marketing Agency

A communication agency to support start-ups in developing a communication and marketing strategy. 
Studio Nuwo

Develops and delivers sustainable diet plans and mindful consumption solutions backed by research.


In the end of the programme you will have the mindset of an entrepreneur, the right tools and a team to pursue your business case.


Talent Programme FAQ's


SDU Cortex Lab, University of Southern Denmark

  • Cortex Park 26
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: 65504772

Last Updated 28.05.2022