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Profile and Course Responsible

If you have questions related to your study programme, internships in general and other general advise, you should direct these to the academic student advisors or to the Student Contact Point as they are the ones who can help in this direction.

Profile responsible:

Accounting and Finance
Christian Riis Flor
Tel: (+45) 6550 3284 / E-mail:
Read more about Christian here!

Brand Management and Marketing Communication
Anna Schneider-Kamp
Tel: (+45) 6550 4385 / E-mail:
Read more about Anna here! 

Global Marketing and Consumer Culture
Anuja Pradhan 
Tel: (+45) 6550 2707 / E-mail:
Read more about Anuja here! 

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Niels Chr. Petersen
Tel: (+45) 6550 3644 / E-mail: 
Read more about Niels here!

Human Resoruce Management
Marian van Bakel
tel: (+45) 6550 7598 / E-mail:
Read more about Marian here!

Innovation & Business Development
Kristina Vaarst Andersen
Read more about Kristina here!

International Business and Management
International Business and Marketing

Nicole Franzsiska Richter
Tel: (+45) 6550 2436 / E-mail:
Read more about Nicole here!

Management Accounting
Hans Frimor
Tel: (+45) 6550 3244 / E-mail: 
Read more about Hans here

Market Anthropology:
Søren Askegaard
Tel: (+45) 6550 3255 / E-mail:
Read more about Søren here!

Strategy and Organization
Markus Becker
Tel: (+45) 6550 3316 / E-mail:
Read more about Markus here!

Last Updated 06.03.2024