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Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The students can collaborate with a company in connection with their graduation project, bachelor or master thesis project. If the company wishes, the students, SDU and the company can enter an NDA, which states that confidential data must be kept confidential. It is only necessary to make a non-disclosure agreement if the company asks for it. SDU does not require such an agreement.

Use SDU’s template

SDU has prepared a template for an NDA between the company, the students and SDU. This agreement takes into account that you as a student may share the information you receive from the company with your supervisor, submit a report that will be assessed and that you will be examined in the project. Therefore, please suggest to the company that the SDU template should be used.

SDU’s approval of the agreement is faster when the template is used.

The template is available in two versions: intended for one student or intended for several students on the same project. Both versions are available in English and Danish. You only need to fill out one of them.

Does the company require your exam to be closed to the public?

If the company requires your exam to be closed to the public, you must notify the study office.

Instructions for using the NDA template

The template for an NDA can be found below for download. You must fill in the yellow fields in the template. When the template is completed, the agreement should be sent to the Legal Department (SDU RIO) via email:

Questions about the NDA

If you have questions about the NDA before or after you have submitted it to, you must contact SDU RIO. TEK Innovation cannot help with questions regarding the NDA and when it is expected to be approved.

Only when the NDA has been approved by the lawyers at SDU RIO can the head of department at TEK sign on behalf of SDU.

Last Updated 14.08.2023