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Study start at Electronics

Our mentors Søren (left) and Simon are ready to welcome you and guide you through the start of your studies and the introduction days on August 28-29.

See your study start program

For information regarding study start please see the Danish version by clicking on the Danish flag in the top right corner.

As a new engineering student, you must pass the compulsory study start test to be able to continue your studies. The study start test must be completed at the start of the semester and you have two attempts to pass the test.

The study start test consists of completion of the e-learning course How to Uni. While the primary objective of the test is to determine whether you have started your studies at SDU, the purpose of How to Uni is to help you get a good start at your studies.

In How to Uni, you will learn the answers to:

  • What kind of place is SDU?
  • What do your teachers expect from you?
  • How can you get a good start to your life as a university student?
  • Which IT systems will you need as a student at SDU?
  • Which rules do you need to be aware of?

If you do not complete the course within the stipulated deadline, you will have a second attempt (reexamination). The reexamination also consists of completion of How to Uni.

If you do not pass the reexamination, your enrolment will be annulled. Please note that once you have been disenrolled due to a failed study start test, you cannot be re-enrolled on the same study programme later on, unless the university considers that your prerequisites for completing the programme have improved considerably.

How to pass the Study Start Test

  • To pass the exam you must complete How to Uni no later than 4 September 2024, at 23.59. It is possible to complete the test more than once.
  • To pass the reexam you must complete How to Uni no later than 14 September 2024, at 23.59.

Access to SDU’s digital platform and How to Uni 

How to Uni will be available on SDU’s digital platform (itslearning) during August, 2022.

If you are new to SDU, you need your username and password to the IT systems at SDU. To get these, you must activate your account at

For further information about access to IT services, please see the contact information below.


If you have not received a student email or experience other IT problems, please contact SDU IT on email or phone +45 6550 2990.

If you can access the digital platform but not the course How to Uni, or you have problems arriving in time for semester start, please contact the key persons at your programme.

If you are prevented from completing the study start test, you must apply to the Academic Study Board for a dispensation.

If you have passed courses on a previous bachelor programme and are now admitted to a BSc (Eng) or BEng study programme, you must apply for credit transfer for these courses.

If you have passed courses on a previous master programme and are now admitted to a MSc (Eng) study programme, you must apply for credit transfer for these courses.

If your application of starting credits is approved, the previously passed courses will be transferred to your new study programme, either as obligatory or elective courses.

Which Courses Can Be Transferred?

Only credits for courses, that are relevant on your new study programme, can be transferred. Before you apply for credit transfer (=fill in and submit the application form) it is a good idea that you research in to options and select the courses, that seem to give the same qualifications as the courses, you already have passed. Please get acquainted with your new curriculum. You find it here. Please note that you can also get credits transferred for courses, you have NOT applied for to be transferred.

When should I, at the very latest, apply for starting credits?

You should apply for transfer of starting credits immediately after you have been accepted your offer of enrolment, and on 1st October (for study start in September) / 1st March (for study start in February) at the very latest.  

How do I apply for transfer of starting credits?

  • Log in on and choose Studyboard -> Credit Transfer -> Starting Credits
  • Fill in the application form “Starting credits”
  • List all the courses, you have passed, on the left hand side of the form
  • List all the courses, you wish to be substituted on your new study programme, of the right hand side of the form
  • Don’t forget to upload obligatory documentation:
  1. Course descriptions for all the courses you have passed on the previous study programme. The course descriptions must be in pdf-format. It is not sufficient to link to the descriptions, the pdf-file must contain all the necessary information about the course in question in text format.
  2. Evidence for the passed cousres (transcript of records).

You upload the files by browsing the correct file, clicking on first “upload file” and then “ok”.

The first assessment

Your programme coordinator assesses your application together with the academic staff on your new study programme.

Positive assessment

If your programme coordinator considers, that credits can be transferred for the courses, you have passed previously, you receive information about this on your SDU-mail. The assessment will be sent automatically to the Academic Study Board. If you have not attached verified (signed and stamped) documentation for passed courses to your original application, you must do this now. Please send the verified documentation as soon as possible to However, it is not necessary to attach verified documentation, if the previous courses have been passed at SDU.

Your programme coordinator may also counsel you to register for courses placed on later semesters, if you get many credits transferred. Thus, you can register for the correct courses right from the start, and possibly shorten your study time.

Negative assessment

If your programme coordinator considers, that the courses you have passed on your previous study programme are not relevant on the current study programme, you receive information about this on your SDU-mail. You do not need to do anything further, unless you disagree with the asseessment of your programme coordinator. If you disagree with the asseessment and wish to sustain your application for credit transfer, you should send the assessment of the programme coordinator to the Secretariat of the Academic Board,

The Academic Study Board Processes the application

The Secretariat of the Academic Board will contact you via your SDU-mail, if further documentation in the case is necessary. Once the Secretariat is fully informed, the application will be processed at the next coming meeting of the Academic Study Board.

When can I expect to receive the final decision?

Your application will be processed at the next coming meeting of the Academic Study Board once the Secretariat has received all the necessary documentation in the case. You can expect to receive the decision of the Academic Study Board to your SDU-mail within 20 working days after the meeting of the Academic Study Board, where your case has been processed. The result of the decision of the Board is visible on the student self service ( a couple of weeks later.

Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact your programme coordinator.

What happens, if I do NOT apply for starting credits?

Should you neglect the application for starting credits, even though you previously have passed relevant courses, you can be reported to the vice-chancellor for violating the Disciplinary Measures of SDU.

We have gathered a variety of resources to help your find your way around campus.

SDU Maps campus map and wayfinder is both map and directory for SDU Odense. It includes a search function to help you find conference- and classrooms among other things.

You can also download SDU Maps for your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the current parking regulations. Via the link you will also find a map of campus parking spaces.

SDU Odense also dispose of facilities within Vidensbyen, Cortex Park and Winsløwparken at OUH.

Driving directions for SDU Odense.

Find the spaces designated to parking of bicycles.

Follow the construction of the Tramway.

The University Library Main Department is located at SDU Odense.

You can find the entrance at Gydehutten between U u59 and U62.

The Ved Siden Af café, which opened its doors in the spring of 2020, is your student café at SDU. This is your ideal spot for a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cold refreshments at favourable prices during breaks, either on your own or with your fellow students. Run by group of volunteers, the aim of the café isn’t to drive a profit, but to create a vibe that invites thorough study at our tall tables or cheerfulness in the lounge area.

The café is located right next to the Friday Bar Nedenunder, where you can sit during opening hours while studying, reading for your next lesson or beating your friends at backgammon.

Ved Siden Af was founded and is run by a group of dedicated students. If you’d like to make a difference for the student environment at SDU, become a volunteer and stand behind the bar while serving students their much-desired cuppa joy.

Join us for great coffee and lots of enjoyable moments while at SDU, and find us on Facebook!

Visit Studenterboghandelen (the Student Bookstore) that provides you with easy access to obligatory as well as complementary litterature -  as competitively priced as possible.

The webpage is only in Danish.

Rules to follow when you are at SDU Odense.

Students can book a room for study activities at SDU Odense.

Read the rules for room booking at SDU.

Lost property that is handed in at the Reception stays with us for 3 weeks, after which it will be sent to the office of lost property at Fyns Politi.

Opening hours for the Reception at Campustorvet:

Monday - Thursday: 8.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

Friday: 8.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Grafisk Center is SDU´s in-house digital printing office. We provide a wide range of print services to staff and students at SDU.

Here you can see our products and order your printed matter.

At SDU Odense you have access to a bicycle repair shop that offers to fix your bicycle.

Opening hours: Weekdays from 8am to 4 pm.

The shop is located at the corner of Campusvej and Killerupvej just before the entrance to SDU Fitness.

The image shows what bicycle path leads to the bicycle repair shop.

SDU Odense offers a Room for reflection to students in need of a mental break or meditative or religious contemplation.

The room is located at the hallway between the “old” Friday Bar and Stenten.

Students at SDU Odense have access to the indoor swimming pool on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., but only at times when the pool is not used for lessons.

Contact Student Services at SDU Odense to get an access card for the pool and overview of the accessible hours.

Students and employees at SDU Odense and Odense University Hospital can sign up for membership at SDU Fitness.

According to the International Olympic Committee, the best athletics stadium in the world is located at SDU Odense. Best of all, the public has free access to the stadium.


Visit SDU's Friday bar Nedenunder (Downstairs) at entrance C.

Let go of a week's frustrations and meet other students over a bottle of cold and fairly priced beer every Friday from 2 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Information about safety for students.

It’s very important that you order your student card as soon as possible. When you order your student card, you will receive your exam number, which you will need to access the IT services of the University of Southern Denmark.

As a student at The University of Southern Denmark, you have access to the IT services of the University of Southern Denmark, including your student e-mail address, the Student Self Service portal and the e-learning platform itslearning

We will send you an e-mail with information on the IT services of the University of Southern Denmark and on the access to these services to the e-mail address that you stated on your application. If you did not receive the e-mail within 1 week, please contact

If you did, what to do next depends on whether you completed your previous study programme or not.

Did you not complete your bachelor/professional bachelor programme?

If you were previously admitted to a bachelor/professional bachelor programme and you did not complete it, you must apply for a credit transfer. This means that the courses which you have previously passed can be included in your new study programme, reducing the length of your new study programme proportionally.

Did you complete your bachelor/professional bachelor programme?

If you have previously completed a bachelor/professional bachelor programme, you may apply for credits.
Read about the rules and deadlines: 

As a student at the University of Southern Denmark, you are responsible for keeping yourself updated on the rules of examinations, including exam registration and deregistration. You must know all applicable regulations and the university’s requirements for academic practice in relation to exam assignments. Read more about general examination regulations.

Do you know what student activity means?

As a university student, you must register for courses and exams yourself and you must pass a specific amount of ECTS every year. Please be aware that you do not have to register for your courses for the first semester of your bachelor. In addition to this, you must also complete your study programme within a specific period of time, and there are clearly defined rules for leaves of absence, among other things. Knowing the rules and keeping yourself updated on the university’s rules on student activity is your obligation. Read more about student activity.

Do you have a permanent physical disability or a mental disorder, which requires special support in relation to completing a university study programme, you can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS).

Let us help you find accommodation in your city of studies. Read more about accommodation