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As a student, you can access your timetable through ItsLearning.

You can also access your timetable by using MyTimetable. Use your SDU username and password to log in. See guidelines here

In general

  • Timetable changes may occur in short notice. Please keep yourself updated on MitSkema.

  • Reservations are made for timetable clashes in the case of electives. You can see when a course is scheduled by entering the course code under "COURSES" via this link:
    If you discover a timetable clash after having registered for courses, please change the elective as soon as possible and no later than resp. on 21 September (in the autumn semester) and 21 February (in the spring semester). You change electives by using the following form: -> Educational Law and Registration -> Changing an elective 1-21 September / February.

  • Lessons are booked without an academic quarter, e.g. 8.00-12.00 turns to 8.15-12:00.
    The academic quarter is defined in such way - you will stop the lessons o’clock, e.g. at 12:00 o’clock.
    Afterwards, there will be 15 minutes to pack up and leave the room. Within this time, the next class can take over the room and start their lesson at 12:15.

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Schedules autumn '23 / Sønderborg

- Click here for Academic calendar / Sønderborg

Last Updated 14.08.2023