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What are parental leave dispensations?

Parental leave dispensations are a number of dispensations you can receive during parental leave


Having parental leave while being a student

A parental leave exemption enables you to take a break from your studies for some time but also gives you the possibility of combining parental leave with being an active student and receiving SU.


Here you can see the dispensations you have the right to when on parental leave:

  • As a mother giving birth, your deadline for finishing your studies will automatically be extended by two semesters. As a partner to an expectant mother, the deadline for finishing your studies will automatically be extended by one semester. Read more about time limit rules here.
  • You are allowed to go to class and take examinations even if you are on parental leave.
  • You are allowed to withdraw from examinations. However, it must happen no later than 14 days before an examination, otherwise it will count as an examination attempt. Please be aware that if the examination type for the subject is class participation, meaning that you pass through attendance, the exam begins the day the classes begin.
  • You have the right to extra SU and to receive SU during the period where you receive parental leave dispensations. Link to the SU-office.
  • Dispensation for minimum 1 activity a year
  • Deferment of the first-year examination. Read more about the first-year examination here.
  • Deferment of the study activity requirement. You can read more about the study activity requirement here.
  • As a student in the Faculty of Humanities, you can receive an exemption for automatic enrolment in the master’s thesis. Link to the humanities student counselling.


How to apply for parental leave dispensations

You apply for parental leave dispensations via Please note that if you are a student at the Faculty of Engineering, you need to apply for parental leave dispensations from your student board. Read more about to apply for parental leave exemption here.


Do you need support? 

Contact Educational Law & Registration if you have any questions regarding the above mentioned rules. You can do this either via or by calling at 65501059 (between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m.).


Contact Student Services if you have questions about SU, Admission, SDU international, Syddansk Elite,  SPS and other services at SDU.

Contact the counselling at your studies if you need specific knowledge related to your study eg. knowledge about your study plan or how to write a dispensation application.

Contact the General Study counselling if you need guidance concerning general study topics such as study techniques, well-being or simply just find it hard to know who to go to with your questions. 

Last Updated 04.12.2018