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Longterm illness

Prolonged illness can lead to you getting caught up with one or more study regulations

If you become ill for a long period of time, it may be that you get caught up with one or more of the study regulations at SDU. If you get caught up with a study regulation, you can apply for exemption to get the opportunity to deviate from the regulation.
Here are some of the rules that you can risk getting caught up with:
In addition, there may be rules and requirements that are study- or subject-specific. This could be regulations such as: meeting obligation for the teaching, automatic registration for the thesis, compulsory enrollment for other subjects, if the course is deleted from the curriculum or compulsory laboratory hours. Look in your curriculum or talk to a counsellor at your programme if you are in doubt.

If you get caught up with the regulations you can apply for an exemption

If you get caught up with one or more studyregulations, you can apply to your study board for exemption from the regulations. Ie that you are applying to be allowed to deviate from the regulations or requirements.
As long as you live up to the requirements, you do not need to apply for exemption.
Be aware that rapporting ilness and dispensation are two different things. You can "rapport illness"  before an examination or during an examniation. But when it is a long-term illness, you seek exemptions.

Even if you are long term ill, keep an eye on your SDU-mail

Remember during your illness to check your SDU-mail continuously. It is the place we send you important information. For example, there may be a deadline, which is important for you to act on before it is exceeded.

Remember to involve your doctor in your illness

In order to document your illness in an application for exemption, you will need a medical certificate.
Please be aware that your doctor may find it difficult to document your long-term illness if you first contact your doctor on the day you need the medical certificate.

Get an individual study plan and get an overview of your studies

It may be a good idea to make contact with the counselling office at your programme and get an individual study plan. With this plan you get an overview of the exemptions you need to apply.

Maybe you need to postpone your studies for a while

If you need to take a break from your studies because of your illness, you should check if you need a sabbatical leave or if you would rather seek exemptions at your study board. Talk about this together with a counsellor at your program.

Keep an eye on your study progression in relation to your SU

Remember to keep an eye on whether you are going too far behind the study progression in relation to your SU. If this happens, you have the opportunity to apply for additional SU grants.

Get help getting better

Of course, it is primarily your doctor who can help you get better. But you also have the opportunity to contact the General counselling office at SDU. Here you have the oppertunity to talk about your situation and maybe get some advice and tools to help you. In addition, they have an overview of who might otherwise be able to help you.



Do you need support?

Contact Educational Law & Registration if you have any questions regarding the above mentioned rules. You can do this either via or by calling at 65501059 (between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m.).

Contact Student Services if you have questions about SU, Admission, SDU international, Syddansk Elite,  SPS and other services at SDU.

Contact the counselling at your studies if you need specific knowledge related to your study eg. knowledge about your study plan or how to write a dispensation application.

Contact the General Study counselling if you need guidance concerning general study topics such as study techniques, well-being or simply just find it hard to know who to go to with your questions.

Last Updated 07.02.2024