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Study Start Test

As a new student, you must pass a study start test to continue on your programme.
The study start test will show whether you have started on the programme or not.

You have two attempts to pass the test. If you do not pass the study start test, you will be expelled from the programme.

The exam consists of completing our online study start course How to Uni.
You will find How to Uni on SDU’s e-learning platform itslearning.

How to Uni must be passed no later than September 8, 2021, 23.59.

If you do not pass the study start test, there will be a second attempt. If you do not complete the modules or do not pass in the second attempt, you will be disenrolled from the university before 1 October.

Please note that once you have been disenrolled due to failed study start test, you will not be able to apply for admission to the same program later on, unless the university considers that your prerequisites for completing the program have improved considerably.

If you are prevented from completing the test, due to illness, please contact immediately

Please be aware that it is possible to take the Study Start Test over an extended period of time. However, you can only expect dispensation from the allocated time for the test, if you have been affected by illness over an prolonged period of the duration of the test. 

Subsequently, do the following:

  1. You must personally consult a doctor immediately  - i.e. that same day.
  2. You must provide medical documentation for the illness in the form of a doctor’s certificate. The certificate must state:
    On which date or during which period you are or have fallen ill.
    It is generally advised that the certificate contains a diagnosis
  3. Send the certificate to your study board at immediately

Note that you have to pay for the doctor’s certificate

It is important that you are aware that it is your responsibility to provide the doctor’s certificate in due time. This means that you should inform your doctor that you need urgent consultation.

How to Uni

An online study start course that gets you ready to study.

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Last Updated 07.07.2021