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Study Start

Dear new students in Bachelor of Science programme
A warm welcome to the Faculty of Business and Social Science
University of Southern Denmark
SDU Sønderborg

We are looking forward to welcoming you to your new life as a university student!

You are going to learn new things academically and get to know a new world as a student at SDU Sønderborg, with new fellow students, new teachers, new habits, new ways of teaching and much more.

We have scheduled two introduction days for you, to make sure you are off to a flying start in your new academic life.

The introduction days are August 27th and August 28th, 2020.
It is important that you participate both days as you will receive important information.

If you click through the menu on your top right, you can read more about your study start manual, the study start test and other important information.

If you have any questions in regards to your study start you are more than welcome to contact Simon Kleinschmidt Salling ( - in Danish or English – whatever you prefer.

Best Regards
Simon Fietze
Responsible for the B.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration – Global Business Relationships

introduction program

See the program for the introduction days

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Last Updated 25.08.2020