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Meet the startups from SDU Startup Station

We have students from all faculties and all cities. Only your imagination sets the limit for how you create your own or others' jobs. Below you can meet some of the cool students with their own startups.



Civil Engineers in Health and Welfare Technology
Developing a monitoring and visualization system that, through live biofeedback, shows the rider's position and impact on the horse. The solution allows the rider to optimize their placement on the horse, strengthening the collaboration between the two parties and reducing the risk of injuries to both horse and rider.

Best advice?

If you want to start, just give it a try! Many things come along the way; everything doesn't need to be mapped out from the start! Whether it turns into a huge business or not, it's the coolest journey that provides a lot of learning!

What have you gained from being part of SDU Startup Station?

Through SDU Startup Station, we have received great help to start with a good idea, to describe it, and to investigate whether there are users for it. In addition, we have gained a huge network, advice, and guidance on the entrepreneurial journey and great help in seeking funds through soft funding.





 Social Sciences, HA-general

Have developed a marketplace for used skis, where they purchase and resell skis that would otherwise be lost. Recycling and good business sense at its best.



OceanWide Seaweed

Sport and Health Science (SUND) and Innovation and Business Development (SAMF)

Developing a core technology for large-scale seaweed cultivation, an extremely scalable growth module for sustainable food production, specifically Palmaria Palmata (Dulse). The uses for Dulse range from food to cosmetics, animal feed, and dietary supplements. Common malpractices using wild Dulse stocks are inefficient and harm marine biodiversity. Our hatchery and growth modules provide access to efficient production equipment and offer varied, locally produced, emission-free, and nutrient-rich food globally.

Best advice?

Connect and talk to as many people as possible about your idea.

What have you gained from being part of SDU Startup Station?

Specific help from experts in all areas of entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge, and experience with others in the same situation as us.

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