Digital reference material for SDU’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Work on the Sustainable Development Goals is carried out at all levels in the organisation; students, as well as employees in the faculties and Central University Administration, are working on this.

In order to ensure that these initiatives are made visible and documented, a database has been established where all actions related to the Sustainable Development Goals can be reported via self-reporting online.

“There is a mass of activity relating to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals among employees and students at SDU. By creating a database where you can upload text, images, video and audio along with other information, provides us with digital reference material for students, employees, management and stakeholders in the surrounding community,” says University Director Thomas Buchvald Vind.

Monitoring the work with the Sustainable Development Goals will also contribute to SDU's internal and external communication in the form of good examples of the activities that take place.

“The database is meant as a dynamic, vibrant and inspiring tool - and it should not develop into a heavy documentation monster for the organization. It's all about making the many diverse activities that take place at SDU visible - and preferably, if possible, to also make the effect of them visible,” says the University Director.

See the database for the Sustainable Development Goals here