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Waste sorting

Waste bins to be removed from offices and classrooms

Due to the new waste stations at SDU in Odense, all small bins from offices and classrooms will be removed from the main campus during January. In staff kitchens and kitchenettes, multiple waste fractions will be installed at the same time, allowing all of us to help sort waste correctly.

As announced on your go-to sources of relevant SDU news (SDUnet or MitSDU) last week, new waste stations will be installed in February, allowing us to sort our everyday waste.

It also means that small bins in offices, conference rooms and classrooms – which may have previously contained an unpleasant mix of banana skins, Coke cans, paper and whatnot – will be removed.

Instead, employees and students in Odense will have to walk a little further to dispose of their waste. Going forward, there will be 5 fractions, so we can all help sort our waste correctly. This allows SDU to send less waste for incineration and reduce its carbon footprint.

Identical to the municipal system

If you live in Odense Municipality, you’re already familiar with the waste fractions from home, because the new bins follow the same system. This means that waste must be sorted into:

  • General waste
  • Bio-waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Glass and metal
  • Plastics, food and drink cartons

And if you're thinking you’ll end up having to juggle chicken bones, hummus and bits of lettuce down Gydehutten to get rid of your lunch leftovers, don’t worry. There will be a waste bin close to you.

You’re going to have a take a stroll to get rid of everything else, but hey – you’ll get closer to making your daily 10,000 steps while doing your bit for waste sorting!

Sustainable waste bins

As well as allowing for better sorting, less waste for incineration and therefore fewer CO2 emissions, the new waste system is also sustainable in its own right.

Manufactured in Denmark from 95% recycled steel, its modular design makes it easy to add or remove waste fractions if new requirements or needs arise.

Editing was completed: 25.01.2023