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Energy-saving measures

SDU implements energy-saving measures

The University of Southern Denmark follows the recommendation of the Danish Energy Agency and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to lower the heating of state buildings where it is deemed possible and technically suitable.

SDU's Executive Board has decided to limit the indoor heating of the University’s premises to 19 degrees wherever possible, taking into account human and animal life and safety. Furthermore, the Executive Board has decided to implement energy-saving measures to reduce electricity consumption.

The decisions have been taken in the light of the current energy and supply situation in Europe, which makes it necessary to reduce society’s energy demand during the winter months. At the same time, the energy-saving measures will reduce SDU’s climate footprint and ease the pressure on SDU’s economy.

As a university, SDU has many different types of rooms and workspaces, and Technical Services is currently planning the roll-out of the temperature reduction in our buildings.

More information about the implementation and other energy-saving measures will follow in the near future.

Editing was completed: 07.10.2022