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SDU expresses support for Ukraine

All of Denmark’s universities have announced in a joint statement that they are suspending all cooperation with Russia and Belarus on research, education and innovation.

On Tuesday 1 March, SDU and the seven other universities in Denmark announced their condemnation of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and their decision to cease all cooperation with governmental institutions in Russia and Belarus.

- Universities Denmark has decided to support the Ukrainian people by suspending all formal institutional cooperation on education and research with Russian and Belarusian state partners, Rector Jens Ringsmose explains.

Based on the announcement from Universities Denmark, the Executive Board of SDU has come to the following decision:

  • All formal research cooperation with Russian or Belarusian institutions will cease, and no new agreements will be concluded on cooperation with Russian and Belarusian parties.
  • Russian and Belarusian students and staff at SDU this semester will not be sent home. However, exchange agreements will be suspended at the end of the semester, and no new cooperation agreements can be concluded.
  • Conference activities in Russia and Belarus are suspended, as are other travel activities to Russia and Belarus.

Any doubts about the above, including requests for dispensation, must be clarified with the Rectorate.

SDU’s decision to suspend all cooperation with the governments of both Russia and Belarus is not directed at the people of Russia or Belarus. As a university, SDU is concerned with treating students and staff properly and respectfully regardless of nationality and background.

Students and staff in need of support and assistance

Employees at SDU with relations to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus are welcome to contact their immediate manager, union representative or SDU HR if they need support and help.

Students at SDU with relations to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus are welcome to contact Student Services or their faculty if they need support and help.

Read press releases

The joint press release from the eight Danish universities about their condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

On Tuesday 1 March, Jesper Petersen, the Minister for Higher Education and Research, issued a press release calling to suspend any educational, research and innovation cooperation with institutions in Russia and Belarus (in English):


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