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Cyber threat

The increased cyber threat and the use of the Authenticator

We are in a time of uncertainty, with a war raging in Europe and an increase in the number of cyberattacks.

By SDU IT, 3/16/2023

This cyber threat has developed into a basic condition for Danish companies, authorities and institutions and is therefore also something that is taken very seriously at SDU.

To adequately protect ourselves against these cyberattacks, we need to introduce a number of measures. One step towards this is by using the Microsoft Authenticator app.

The app is a login tool that acts as a kind of shield against hackers. In other words, it reinforces the IT security of your login. Hackers are experts in people’s digital behaviour and actively target identities, including usernames and passwords. By assuming identities and by ‘cracking codes’, these hackers – in disguise – can access SDU’s systems.

With thousands of students at SDU, all of whom have a login, SDU is an obvious place to commit cyberattacks. Let us all work together to protect ourselves – and thereby also SDU – by using the Microsoft Authenticator app. It is a crucial place to start in securing our University against cyberattacks and intrusions into our IT systems.

Editing was completed: 16.03.2023