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One important step closer to a new collective Student Information System

SDU joins forces with six other universities and has just signed a supplier contract to build and deliver the new system

By SDU Digital, , 11/27/2023

Why do we need a new system?

Today, Danish university students receive administrative support from systems that are almost 30 years old. This needs to change. Therefore, SDU has joined forces with the universities AAU, KU, CBS, DTU, ITU and RUC to replace the old systems with one new and up-to-date student information system.

What will it mean for you and your studies?

The development of the system solution is a large, multi-stakeholder project that extends over the
next five years. The new system is not expected to go live at SDU until 2028.

The goal is for the new system to provide students with more cohesive and flexible support for their studies across all seven universities. The point of departure will be the students' needs. Flexible self-service solutions will provide the individual student with an overview of their study activities, progress and results, as well as the opportunity to take positive action in relation to their own situation.

We want to hear from you!

We are well underway with mapping student user journeys, because student perspectives are crucial to success. We are therefore curious about how you are experiencing your course of study with all the associated digital and personal touchpoints. Although you may no longer be a student at SDU when the new system goes live, it is now that we need your experience. It is now we need you if future students are to benefit from the new study information system.

If you want to know more or participate in the programme's analysis work , write to and you will receive a reply as soon as possible from one of our esteemed colleagues Lærke, Selina or Susanne.

Editing was completed: 27.11.2023