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Future undergraduate intake

New model for future undergraduate intake

A new admissions model will ensure that prospective students have the necessary qualities to complete a university education.

With SDU’s new strategy (, it will be crucial to focus on enrolling talented students who can become skilled graduates. Against this background, SDU’s Rectorate launched an initiative in the spring of 2023 that formed the basis for the new admissions model adopted by SDU’s Executive Board on 29 June 2023.

The admissions model means that from 2025, SDU will apply a common high grade requirement across the University’s degree programmes. Therefore, students admitted to academic bachelor programmes via quota 1 must have a minimum grade point average of 7 in their qualifying examination, while the grade point requirement for students admitted to professional bachelor’s degree programmes is at least 5.

Higher chance of completing a study programme

- It is crucial that we continue to have a talented student population at SDU – not least in a future where demographics and the recently adopted reform of university education programmes mean that fewer people will receive a university education. By requiring a minimum grade point average of 7, we ensure that only the most qualified students are admitted. We know that there is evidence that applicants with a good grade point average from their qualifying examination are more likely to complete their education, says Rector Jens Ringsmose.

- Well-being is crucial for students to fulfil their potential. SDU’s clear ambition is therefore also to maintain and further develop educational environments in which talent and academic standards are strengthened and dropout rates are minimised. We know that many students who drop out of their education programme say they find the academic requirements too challenging. A grade point average of 7 will help prevent this.

Jens Ringsmose also emphasises that there is also an employment perspective to consider, as graduates with a high grade point average from upper secondary school also find employment faster upon graduating.

Quota 2 is still an option

It is still possible to be admitted to SDU’s bachelor programmes via quota 2. Discussions are currently underway internally at SDU about what constitutes a suitable minimum score in the entrance test for quota 2 that can match the higher quality requirement in quota 1.

- ‘We also make high demands on quota 2 applicants, but it is also important to give an extra opportunity to those who have the potential, but did not achieve a grade point average of 7 in their qualifying examination,’ says Jens Ringsmose.

Due to regional needs, some programmes will initially be exempt from the grade point requirement of 7 and instead have a grade point requirement of 6. The new admissions model will apply from 2025.

Read the benchmarks for a new admissions model at SDU.

Link to current admission requirements at SDU:

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