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The canteen in Odense

The canteen in Odense is closed today due to a strike

The canteen staff in Odense are on strike and have ceased work on 27 April. Therefore, the canteen is closed today.

Updated at 1:05 p.m.:
Canteen 4, which is the largest canteen on campus Odense, has reopened. The remaining canteens will open again as usual on Friday 28 April.

At the canteens in Odense today you could see a sign with the following text:

"Unfortunately, the canteen is closed due to a strike among the canteen staff.
We apologize for the inconvenience you have had by coming to a closed canteen”

The lunch must therefore be found elsewhere, just as the meeting catering cannot be delivered today either.

MitSDU and SDUnet are updated as soon as there is anything new in the case and the extent of the strike is known.

The canteen in Odense is run by a Compass Group.

Editing was completed: 27.04.2023