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Meet the Minister of Defense

Come to a debate on defense policy with Minister of Defense Morten Bødskov at SDU in Odense

Are you in doubt about what you need to vote for the referendum on June 1? And are you curious about what other instruments, the Danish government is considering taking in use against Putin?

Then you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Minister of Defense, when Morten Bødskov comes to visit SDU on 21 April from kl. 13 to 14 to discuss Denmark's security and defense policy with the students.

After the Minister of Defense, there will be debate on defense policy. A debate you can both participate in or simply attend.

Change in relation to previously advertised

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has been prevented, but you have the opportunity to meet Minister of Defense Morten Bødskov.

The event takes place on the Medietorvet, located in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Medietorvet is also close to Campustorvet and there will be signage.


Medietorvet, SDU, Campusvej 55 in Odense.


The event is free and does not require enrollment.


  • Welcome by rector Jens Ringsmose
  • Presentation at Defense Minister Morten Bødskov
  • Defense policy debate between the Minister of Defense and the students facilitated by constituted Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences Sten Rynning
  • End of today's program by Sten Rynning
Editing was completed: 20.04.2022