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Quality policy

Focus on quality in teaching and education

Would you like to influence how we work with the quality of teaching and education at SDU? Student representatives in councils, boards and committees at SDU have been invited to a public meeting about this on April 9, 2024. Perhaps you have experiences and opinions that they should raise at the meeting?

By SDU Student Services, , 3/18/2024

What are the quality system and the quality policy for education programmes?

SDU has a quality system that describes how we work to develop teaching and education at SDU, and it includes a comprehensive quality policy that sets the framework for all parts of the student's journey through their education programme and the surrounding structures (e.g. study start, evaluations, programme structure, administration, research base and the competence of lecturers).

Public meeting about the review of the system

The meeting is being held because a project has been launched to review SDU’s quality system for education programmes, and the project group needs to hear students' experiences and opinions for its work on what a revised quality policy should look like. The meeting will involve discussion of a proposal for a new, overall quality policy, as well as two specific themes: namely, well-being and how to work with evaluation.

After the public meeting

Once the meeting has been held, we hope that the participants will bring the discussions to other students in organisations and student councils. We will therefore write to the participants again after the meeting and follow up on whether additional experiences and opinions have emerged that should be included in the project.

How do you make an impact?

If you have suggestions or thoughts that you would like to have included in the work, you can contact your student representative. You can find an overview of your elected representatives on the study board's page via

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