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Waste sorting

The New Year brings more waste sorting

2023 will be the year when we start sorting waste at the university. Initially, the new waste stations at SDU Odense will be rolled out from the start of next semester, and during the year the scheme will be implemented on the remaining campuses.

This year, SDU’s employees and students should not simply toss all of their rubbish into the same bin. The installation of new waste stations is underway, and in Odense the initiative will be launched when the new semester commences in February.

It is currently a legal requirement that waste must be sorted at the university, but SDU has been working on improving its waste management for a number of years. The efforts began years ago when a group of students wanted the university to make waste sorting possible on campus. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and challenged supply chains, it has not been possible to put new waste stations into use until now.

Already sorting into 32 fractions

It is important to stress that waste sorting at SDU is already taking place ‘behind the scenes’ on a large scale. More specifically, Technical Services handles waste in 32 fractions, which are sent for recycling.

However, there is still a lot of waste that goes to incineration, and by having both students and staff sorting correctly in the new system, we can all help to ensure that SDU reaches its goal of sorting waste.

This will also mean better recycling of materials and a smaller CO2 footprint from the university.

First Esbjerg, now Odense, then the last campus cities await

Waste is already being sorted in Esbjerg. The new waste stations will be put into use in Odense from the coming semester, and during 2023 a new sorting system will be introduced on the remaining campuses.

The schemes will vary from campus to campus and rely on the municipality’s sorting methods.

More information will follow on SDUnet and mitSDU about the waste management scheme, so stay tuned here.

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