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About well-being

Well-being in focus – read about the first well-being event

Have you thought about how the Coronavirus disease, study start or communication affects your well-being? The 50 participants at the ‘Wise about Well-being’ event have!

 On 31 October, students, VIPs and TAPs from across faculties and central administrative units met to reflect on different perspectives on well-being at SDU. The first well-being event zoomed in on communities, and together students and staff explored the meaning of communities, what it means to feel left out of a community or even experience that there is no community at all.

Great satisfaction all round

The well-being event is an initiative created based on results from the Study Environment Survey 2023. Among the responses to the Survey was a request for a space where well-being issues could be discussed. This led to the well-being event, with Mikkel Korsgaard Bork, among others, at the helm. 

‘It was a great pleasure to see how we could bring different people together and have an open and constructive dialogue with respect for each other. The participants were very motivated, which clearly shows how important well-being is for all of us. The volunteer working group had put a lot of work into both the preparation and facilitation of the event, so we’re pleased that it was a success,’ says Mikkel.

The positive feedback from the evaluation strongly underlined how together interdisciplinarity and diverse representation can create value and pave the way for communities at SDU.

Presentations and inspiring conversations

Senior Consultant at the Humanities Rune Mastrup Lauridsen opened the event with a compelling presentation on different perspectives on well-being. Here, he articulated some of the ideals and expectations he encounters in his everyday life. The presentation paved the way for reflections on how to create communities involving students and staff, and even what types of communities are being promoted.

In the second part of the well-being event, conversation cafes set dialogues in motion. All participants had the opportunity to give their views on how they experienced well-being. Among other things, there was broad agreement that the Coronavirus pandemic had negatively affected communities and that there are still repercussions from that period. As a result of the dialogues, a number of proposals for initiatives emerged, which are to be presented to SDU’s management. 

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about the event, write to SDU Student Services at Behind the mailbox are colleagues who work with student involvement at SDU.

Editing was completed: 20.11.2023