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SDU seeks to expand with IT courses of study in Vejle

If it goes to the University of Southern Denmark, Vejle can become the next city in relation to building a campus that fulfills the bound political task of regionalizing education, as well as the business community's need for university-educated graduates.

By Bolette Marie Kjær Jørgensen, , 11/11/2021

This summer's political agreement on the regionalization of education in Denmark stipulates that education must be established outside the four largest cities by 2030. This is a fixed task that SDU is working purposefully to help solve.

In parallel with SDU’s ambitions to expand its activities in Slagelse, work has now been initiated to uncover the possibilities for setting up new courses of study and research environments within the field of IT in Vejle.

- The Triangular Area (a geographical area in Jutland) is one of Denmark’s key industrial regions; a highly unique growth area with successful and innovative business environments. SDU has a number of key strengths within IT that we would like to bring into play in the development of research environments and research-based courses of study in Vejle, says Jens Ringsmose.

Interdisciplinarity and IT hub

He emphasises this does not mean relocating activities from other SDU campuses. Rather, SDU is considering setting up completely new educational and research activities in Vejle.

- Initially, we are aiming towards setting up IT courses of study, but the interdisciplinary perspective is a logical step and allows us to connect other disciplines. Similarly, we are open to entering into collaborations with other relevant educational institutions and let Vejle serve as an IT hub, he explains. 

The collaboration is already underway

SDU already has several activities in Vejle, including business collaborations. In addition, SDU is firmly established at Vejle Sygehus, which is part of Sygehus Lillebælt, where there are approximately 15 professors and 30 associate professors and a significant number of PhD students.

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