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Check emails abroad?

Stricter security when you check SDU mails on your phone abroad.

By Servicedesk, , 7/3/2021

In order to proactively meet an increased current security threat, SDU IT has on 1 July 2021 activated a security measure that could hit you if you want to check your SDU email on a mobile phone abroad (and in some cases also within Denmark's borders if you are on 5G network).

The mobile phone can check mails against SDU's systems in several ways, and as a user it is not immediately clear how the connection "behind" works. But one of the ways the phones connect when retrieving mails is very unsafe in terms of security, and we have therefore had to block this type of connection.

This means that you will be denied access and the system will send you an automatic email stating that your account has been blocked. The wording of the email is not optimal and may give rise to questions.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to get the phone to connect to SDU's mail system in the right way.

  • Remove your SDU mail account in the built-in mail app (iOS mail and Android Mail) or Outlook app if you are already using it
  • Download Microsoft Outlook from the App Store and Google Market (if you do not already have it installed)
  • Configure Outlook app with O365

If you have problems or questions about the above, do not hesitate to contact us at the Servicedesk on +45 6550 2990 or

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