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Application to the host university

SDU International will nominate you, and typically you will receive an email from the host university informing you about the application procedure. In case you do not hear anything, do not assume that everything is fine. Some universities expect you to follow their online application guidelines, so it is important that you are active in this process. When in doubt you are welcome to contact us at SDU International.

Later on you will receive information about the grant from e.g. Erasmus+, Nordplus or the Internationalization Fund. Please note that when you apply for exchange through SDU you automatically apply for the grant covering the relevant partner university.

Good to know:

Admission Requirements
After you have been nominated for an exchange place, you will need to apply for admission at the host university. You will need to spend time obtaining the necessary documents, insurance, language test, visa etc. It is a good idea to go through the host university’s admission requirements before you apply for the exchange place. Since the individual universities from time to time change their admission requirements, it is not possible to include them all here. You will therefore need to check their websites carefully.

Tuition fee
If you get an exchange place you will not have to pay for tuition. However, you will still need to pay living expenses, insurance, travel, books etc. You may need to prove that you have sufficient funds in advance in order to be admitted to the host university. Documentation could be, e.g. Danish SU, a bank statement, support from parents, grants etc.

Required Documentation
The host institution might require you to hand in specific documents when you apply, e.g.:

You can acquire these documents by contacting us at SDU International or Student Services.

*An IELTS/TOEFL language test might be mandatory at some partner universities.

Application Deadlines
Make sure to comply with the host university’s application deadline, and note that it typically takes 6-8 weeks for the host university to process you application. Final acceptance should always come from the host institution.

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Last Updated 21.07.2021