Academic Student Advisors

Academic Student Advisors are themselves students. They are employed by the university to help, guide and advise you if you have questions about your studies. They are thoroughly versed in the academic content and structure of your programme and can answer questions that you might not wish to ask your teachers.

For example, they can help you with:

  • Applications to the board of studies, e.g. exemptions
  • Rules and deadlines for appeals (advice on how to proceed)
  • The master’s programmes
  • Periods of study abroad
  • Internships and volunteering
  • Alternative courses of study
  • The programme’s academic content
  • Your programme’s structure and curriculum
  • Choosing courses
  • Individual programme planning
  • Academic discipline and levels
  • What is expected of you
  • Exam rules and practices

You are always welcome to contact them by email or drop by during office hours.