Orientation Days in Sønderborg

Find inspiration and information for the Orientation Days 2019 on this page.

Where: SDU Sønderborg, 29/30 August 2019 at 9.00 o'clock at the Concert Hall of Alsion - Address: SDU Sønderborg, Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

Check out the  detailed programme for both days. 

Programme start

All study programmes start on 2 September 2019 - check your schedule below (gets published in the middle of August), to find the actual start date of your lectures.

Welcome reception in Odense (for international students only)

The reception takes place on 3 September 2019, from 18.30 - 21 o'clock. A free bus leaves Sønderborg at 15 o'clock and returns after 21 o'clock.

Obligatory Study Start test for new students

To remain staying registered at your programme, you must attend and complete the  compulsory Study start test within deadline. The Study Start test is slightly different for Engineering and Social Sciences students. Check out the menu to find the information which suits your programme.

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SDU generally guarantees housing to all international students moving to Denmark to study - provided you apply for accommodation before the application deadline 1 May/ 1 November.

You must apply online at  directly at the homepage of the Accommodation Office in Sønderborg - "Kollegiernes Kontor".

If no accommodation is available via the Accommodation Office (Kollegiernes Kontor) you can check out the present local  accommodation options as well or read more about Accommodation in Sønderborg on the specific page for Accommodation.

Practical information
Residence permit and Registration

Residence permit/Registration for EU citizens 

You will have to register for a residence permit, a Danish Social Security Number (CPR) and health care in Denmark.  As a service to our new students, we make sure that  you can apply and register for all three on campus directly. 

Date: 10 September, 10-12 and 12.30-14.30 o'clock. Located on the platform in bloc D, 1st floor.

See below for details and the paperwork you need to prepare in advance.

For the Regional State Administration (website):

  • Fill in the application form for residence permit OD1, including the declaration of self-support (Click here)*

  • Bring 1 passport sized photo (3,5 * 4,5 cm)

  • Bring a copy of your passport or your national identity card

  • Bring a copy of your enrolment letter

*Please leave out appendices A, B1 and B2 as they are not necessary for the application.

Once the residence permit has been granted, it will be sent to the University, where you are able to pick it up before applying for your CPR number at the Municipality. For the Autumn semester, we invite the Municipality to the University. You need to fill in an online form and upload several documents and as well choose a doctor from a list before applying for the CPR number. Both the link to the form and the list of available doctors will be sent to you once we have received all documents from the Regional State Administration. 

The Municipality will be at SDU in Sønderborg approx. one week after 10 September - the date will be published once you are on campus. 

Residence permit/Registration for Non-EU

Non-EU citizens with a residence permit/VISA can hand in the above mentioned documentation directly at the Municipality (Borgerservice) in Sønderborg .


We recommend that you buy a bike for your transportation needs. You can get around with your bike through Sønderborg in no time . All dorms are approx. 5 - 10 minutes away from University, the same applies to the City Centre.

As a student you can bring your car to Denmark and use it up to two years with your foreign license plates. Please note, that you cannot drive your car for more than 185 days per year if you bring it along. You must register your car. To find information on the rules and complete the necessary form, go to www.skat.dk.


Visit Sønderborg, how to get to Sønderborg.