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Orientations Days programme

Mid January

We have made this module for you as a welcome and an overview of useful information. We recommend to use full screen mode to get the most out of it. Enjoy! 

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Friday, 29th January 2021  


10.00 Welcome
10.15 Presentation from current international student Tijmen
10.30 Helene Fast Seefeldt talks about the Career in Denmark programme
10.45 Quiz time!
11.00 Break
11.15 The people from Humans of SDU tell about their project 11.30 Wrap up and time for questions

Use this link to take part in the webinar: - invitation will follow by email.

We have already booked a seat for you at our workshop. If you're unable to join one or more of the workshops, please let us know 7 days beforehand. 

Workshop: How to get the best results at your exams?

Monday, 12th April 16.15 - 18.00

Do you want to get good grades and experience less stress at your coming exams? During this workshop you will learn about:

  • what is expected from you at exams in Denmark?
  • Get a presentation of different exam forms
  • Get valuable tips and trick from the tutors on how to do best at the exams at your study programme 


Webinar: Plan your next semester
Mid May

As a full degree master student it is important to plan ahead and choose your courses for next semester carefully.

This webinar will give you information about your options, your curriculum  and the rules  so you can make the best plan possible for your studies.

Meet Your Tutors!

Your tutors will help you get all the practical things in order and start building a social network, so you can enjoy your stay here.

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