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Who can Apply

Students from all campuses, all faculties, and all study programmes, who have passed the second year of their bachelor can be admitted to the talent programme. Further, the following requirements must be fulfilled to be admitted to the programme:

  • The student can have no delay in his/her ordinary study plan.
  • The student must be enrolled at SDU for the entire academic year of 19/20. Yet, transition from Bachelor to Master is accepted.
  • The student cannot go on a semester abroad during the programme.
  • Commitment all through the programme is required to be admitted. 

Be prepared to enter into a strong commitment. Different to other courses, taking the final exam is not enough to pass this course; active attendance at all boot camps is compulsory; substantial contribution to and active participation in the independent team project between the boot camps over the full year is the most important necessity for passing and receiving the distinction. 

Who are we looking for? 

The applicants that will be selected are hard-working, open-minded visionaries, who have strong academic skills and competencies within their own field of study. Selected students have a convincing motivation and ambition for participating in the programme.

You will be challenged with the highest learning objective and rewarded by the joy it entails – we challenge you to create. The programme’s success hinges on you creating new ideas, solutions, and approaches.

A minimum of two students from each of the five faculties at SDU will be recruited to ensure interdisciplinarity.

Last Updated 18.09.2020